Why is antimalarial prophylaxis important?

Every year, around 300–500 million people contract malaria and about 3 million die, most of which are children who are under five years. In sheer numbers, malaria kills 3,000 children per day under the age of five. The total number of deaths readily exceeds that from AIDS. After Tuberculosis, Malaria is easily the world's largest parasitic disease, killing more and more people every day. As we know, Malaria is one of the oldest pathogens which is posing a threat to the human population since the birth of the agriculture.

Antimalarial prophylaxis
Even being such a potent disease on the face of the earth, there is no post-disease vaccine available for protection against malaria despite the decades of research. Antimalarial prophylaxis is one of the newly surfaced modes of protection against the Malaria which offers an alternative approach that provides reliable protection against malaria. Antimalarial prophylaxis offers protection against clinical attacks of malaria especially to those who are travelling to countries that is continuously affected with Malaria.

There are various vital factors which thoroughly influence the process of antimalarial prophylaxis to a great extent. They are:

The visited region
Time of stay
Length of stay
Primary protection against mosquitos

But when it comes to the antimalarial prophylaxis, there are multiple approaches to offer quality preventive care against Malaria. They are disruptive prophylaxis, suppressive prophylaxis, and causal prophylaxis.  Many pharmaceuticals in the UK claim to have the best in class malarial prophylaxis to offer to the patients, but the progress made by ANP Pharma is second to none. ANP Pharma has introduced a range of antimalarial prophylaxis as a preventive medication to Malaria.

At ANP Pharma, we cover a diverse range of occupational health services comprising of working condition analysis, patient health inspection, fitness-for-work medicals, vital medical supplies such as antimalarial prophylaxis, vaccinations, and welfare programs. Over the years, ANP Pharma has become one of the leading occupational health supplier working to enhance the overall health of Uk populace.